Disclaimer for the JWG A-Series committee FAQs

•           The following questions and answers are provided for use by IAF and ILAC, regional cooperation bodies, accreditation bodies and peer evaluators. They have been provided as a tool to assist in the understanding and application of ISO/IEC 17011, to help achieve equivalence of the outcomes of peer evaluations based on ISO/IEC 17011 and as a resource for training. They do not purport to be legal advice and are not intended to be legally binding in any particular case.

•           The answers represent the views of the members of the JWG A-series and are given as guidance based on the committee members’ experience.

•           Names and locations have been removed to protect the identity of the parties related to the questions.

•           New questions are to be submitted via a regional cooperation body or via the IAF/ILAC peer or regional evaluation systems.

•           The publication dates of the answers are indicated. These dates should be taken into consideration as some newer requirements may have been issued since the publication of the answers. The JWG A-series will not update former answers unless a request is received to review and update a specific answer.