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FAQ 22

What is the role of Annex A? Is it informative in the document but normative in interpretation of clause 6.1? STANDARD: ISO/IEC 17011  ·  CLAUSE: Annex A  ·  TOPIC: Competence of AB personnel Answer: As stated in the standard, Annex A serves as a summary of the competence requirements found in sections to It is an informative annex…

FAQ 21

What is sufficient evidence that risk was considered in the development of an assessment programme for accreditation schemes established prior to the publication of ISO/IEC 17011:2017? STANDARD: ISO/IEC 17011  ·  CLAUSE: 7.9.2 & 7.9.3  ·  TOPIC: Assessment program and accreditation cycle Answer: The first exercise of establishing an assessment program based on risk will probably have to accept assumptions and…

FAQ 20

Must the accreditation decision be made within the maximum 5 years’ assessment cycle? STANDARD: ISO/IEC 17011  ·  CLAUSE: 7.9.1  ·  TOPIC: Assessment program and accreditation cycle Answer: Accreditation cycle begins (according to 7.9.1) at or after the date of decision for granting or decision after the reassessment. Accreditation cycles shall not be longer than 5 years. Clause 7.9.4 requires the…

FAQ 19

If accreditation information/certificates are issued by an Accreditation Body to the previous version of an accreditation standard, must the expiration date (if listed) be listed up to but not exceeding the stated transition deadline established by ILAC/IAF? STANDARD: ISO/IEC 17011  ·  CLAUSE: 7.8.1 f)  ·  TOPIC: Validity of accreditation information Answer: No, the date listed on the accreditation information/certificate can…

FAQ 18

Must an accreditation decision have an expiry date? STANDARD: ISO/IEC 17011  ·  CLAUSE: 7.8.1 f)  ·  TOPIC: Assessment program and accreditation cycle Answer: No. An expiry date is not required, meaning that a CAB will remain accredited as long as the CAB continues to meet the requirements of the accreditation scheme and of the AB.

FAQ 17

What is considered as too long time wise in interpreting “undue delay”? STANDARD: ISO/IEC 17011  ·  CLAUSE: 7.7.5, 4.3.1 e), 7.6.6 b)  ·  TOPIC: Assessment program and accreditation cycle Answer: Each AB with its interested parties will define what undue delay is.