Disclaimer for the Inspection committee FAQs

  • The following questions and answers are provided for general information only and may not be applicable in every circumstance. They do not purport to be legal advice, and are not intended to be legally binding for accreditation bodies and inspection bodies in any particular case.
  • The answers represent the views of the members present in the inspection committee meetings and are given as ​guidance based on the committee members’ experience.
  • Names and locations have been removed to protect the identity of the parties related to the question.
  • As questions received may sometimes include grammatical errors, or are presented in an unclear way, the questions presented in this database may have been rephrased to only reflect the meaning understood by the members of the inspection committee.
  • Questions and answers, as submitted, were sometimes elaborated based on the specific conditions of the economy or the specific field of the inspection activity. In some cases the answer may differ for different conditions and should not be systematically extrapolated to other situations.
  • The publication dates of the answers are indicated. This date should be taken into consideration as some newer requirements may have been issued since the publication of the answer. The inspection committee will not update former answers unless a request is received to review and update a specific answer.
  • Answers are published after approval from the inspection committee members present at the meeting.