Referring to the note under clause 4.1.3; how could a relationship based on marketing (including branding) and payment of a sales commission threaten the impartiality of an inspection body?

STANDARD: ISO/IEC 17020  ·  CLAUSE: 4.1.3  ·  TOPIC: Identifying risks  


The marketing, branding or sales activities of inspections performed by the inspection body or of the items that are inspected by the inspection body could have an influence on those who are involved in developing strategies, policies and methods for inspection and on those who are managing or conducting inspections. E.g., the marketing and sales information could give the impressions to inspection clients that inspections could be performed more efficiently than it is possible to do without compromising the quality of inspections. Such information or commitments by sales/marketing could put undue pressure on those who are directly involved in inspections. This does not mean that sales/marketing activities are prohibited. ISO/IEC 17020:2012 clause 4.1.3 states that “However, such relationships do not necessarily present an inspection body with a risk to impartiality”. The inspection body has a responsibility to identify any risks to impartiality arising from such activities or relationships and demonstrate how it eliminates or minimises such risks.

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