What is the importance of the quality manual (or whatever the document is called) and are there fixed items which it is mandatory to cover in it? Considering that the standard ISO 9001:2015 no longer requires its existence, does this mean that if an IB uses Option B it is not mandatory to have a quality manual, while an IB which uses Option A must have a quality manual, or is it voluntary in both cases?

STANDARD: ISO/IEC 17020  ·  CLAUSE: 8.1.3  ·  TOPIC: Management system documentation 


ISO/IEC 17020 only refers to “manual” in the 1st bullet of clause 8.1.2. Here it is referenced as a type of “management system documentation”. Therefore, whether option A or B is chosen, there is no requirement to have a “manual”. What is required in both cases is to have a “management system” capable of achieving the consistent fulfilment of the requirements of ISO/IEC 17020.