FAQ 12

What is the meaning of “familiarizing technical experts with the relevant requirements and procedures used in the accreditation process” as used in the standard?

STANDARD: ISO/IEC 17011  ·  CLAUSE:  ·  TOPIC: Competence of AB personnel


This will vary based upon how a technical expert is used by each AB in the accreditation process. The technical expert should be familiar with the relevant information that is applicable to the role they have been assigned for the assessment.

The technical expert is generally responsible for assessing technical competency of the CAB for specific conformity activities and therefore does not need to be trained to the level of an assessor.

The familiarization process of the technical experts could include information sessions (telephonic / workshops/ documented guidance, briefing, videos, …etc.) to give an overview of the relevant accreditation scheme requirements and AB’s procedures, namely use of assessment checklists and documents, their expected role and tasks to perform.