FAQ 15

ABs will be adopting different and varying practices to cover and “record” the risks taken into consideration when preparing for an assessment.  What are types of records are acceptable evidence of compliance to this clause of the standard?

STANDARD: ISO/IEC 17011  ·  CLAUSE: 7.4.6  ·  TOPIC: Preparation for assessment


It is not possible to provide a prescriptive list of risk factors that impact on the development of an assessment plan. As stated in §7.4.6, ABs need to consider the activities to be covered, and how they will be assessed (e.g. by witnessing), the locations to be assessed and the CAB personnel to be considered. ABs need to take into consideration whether the assessment is an initial assessment or whether the plan is being developed for an accredited CAB which may alter the CAB’s risk profile.

The following will need to be considered:
1- If all risks have been considered,
2- if all risks have been evaluated,
3- whether residual risks remained and why they were deemed acceptable.