FAQ 19

If accreditation information/certificates are issued by an Accreditation Body to the previous version of an accreditation standard, must the expiration date (if listed) be listed up to but not exceeding the stated transition deadline established by ILAC/IAF?

STANDARD: ISO/IEC 17011  ·  CLAUSE: 7.8.1 f)  ·  TOPIC: Validity of accreditation information


No, the date listed on the accreditation information/certificate can be the end date of the normal accreditation cycle of the AB, but it is the responsibility of the AB to ensure that all accredited CABs have transitioned by the stated deadline established by ILAC/IAF. If an accredited CAB has not completed the transition by the deadline then the AB must take the appropriate adverse action to ensure it is clear that the accreditation is no longer valid. The AB will also need to ensure that the accreditation information/certificates are updated appropriately when the transition process for the accreditation is completed.