Inspection body policies are formulated in different ways, sometimes generally and sometimes by specifically explaining how the IBs deals with particular situations or requirements. Are the policies referred to in the standard meant to be general ones (e.g. our policy is to provide our clients with impartial services) or are they meant to be detailed policies describing how the IB deals with the requirements of the standard (e.g. policies for dealing with complaints, maintenance of equipment, calibration of equipment or subcontracting)?

STANDARD: ISO/IEC 17020  ·  CLAUSE: 8.2.1  ·  TOPIC: Specifying policies 


The term “policy” is used with the definition given in ISO 9000; “intentions and direction of an organisation as expressed by its top management”. The policies are intended to be closely linked to the formulated objectives. The objectives are supposed to describe the desired practical achievements at a particular date, and to be related to the more generally described policies.