Can an inspection body simultaneously be assigned more than one type of independence? E.g. can an inspection body provide lift inspection services as type C and indoor air inspection services as type A?

STANDARD: ISO/IEC 17020  ·  CLAUSE: 4.1.6  ·  TOPIC: Assigning independence categories 


Yes. Clause 4.1.6 of ISO/IEC 17020 is formulated as “An inspection body providing … inspections shall meet the type … requirements of clause …”. The standard does not include any requirement that would inhibit an inspection body from offering different types of services at different independence levels. However, the way clause 7.9.5b) in ISO/IEC 17011 is formulated would seem to require the accreditation body to specify only one independence level for each inspection scheme listed in the inspection body’s scope of accreditation. Consequently, it is not possible for an inspection body to offer different independence levels to different customers for the same inspection scheme.